Highly recommended services and suppliers

Over the years we've amassed a jam-packed and well-thumbed directory of tried and trusted contacts which we call our Battered Black Book. Available to peruse online, it covers everything from the obscure and elusive to the just plain practical, making BBB a treasured go-to for all PAs and support staff.

To get the SORTED stamp of approval, all the connections must have worked with us personally or come highly recommended through our reliable network. This approach enables us to bring only the most golden information to our squad, making everyone’s day/job/life just that little bit easier.

What’s more, those registered with SORTED enjoy added perks, including generous discounts, added-value benefits and all-important personal introductions. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here and get direct access to some of the most coveted contacts around.

Don’t forget, BBB is a growing directory. If you’ve recently come across the world’s most amazing handyman, or been lucky enough to jet across the Atlantic in exceptional style, please do share. Equally, if you’ve got an ongoing itch that you just can’t scratch, we’re here to help. Whether it’s getting red wine out of an heirloom fur or the perfect venue for a birthday party, let us know your predicament and we’ll keep our well-tuned ear to the ground.